Simple hacks to avoid food/grocery waste at home

The food waste is becoming unavoidable though we try our best not to. I’m no exception and I have food/groceries going waste from my own kitchen. Recently,I have started following few hacks to avoid the waste and I am happy about the results. Hence this impromptu post on easy ways to avoid food waste at home. No! I’m not going to share the printable list and ask you to write down the monthly grocery list.

Cook ONLY as much as you can eat

When you start your preparations for a meal, do a simple calculation of how much you can eat based on your hunger. This saves a lot of time and waste. Cook minimum and if that’s not enough, take help of a glass of milk or some fruits.

Think twice! 

The shelves at the grocery stores are arranged to woo the customers and many a times I fall prey for them. A pack of custard powder and gulab jamun mix are still lying in my fridge unopened for a long time now. We all think that we would try a new recipe every other weekend. But honestly, how often we do? So next time when you see a bottle of flavored pasta sauce or a ready-made cake mix, wait a second, think do you REALLY need them in your kitchen now!

It is not like you shouldn’t buy them at all, but when you have no time for them, better don’t . If you are a cooking enthusiast, trying different recipes on a regular basis, kindly skip this.

Pay attention to the label

Check the expiry dates of the things that you buy for your kitchen. The dairy products like yogurt have  a less usage period and if you are buying in cartons or buckets, make sure you consume them before expiry.

How many of us read the notes on the label of the products? Each has a different storage method,like few should go into the freezer and few shouldn’t. Spend a few minutes to know what should go where.

Some products should be consumed once opened and shouldn’t be refrigerated again, get to know them for good.


There are numerous ideas on the Internet to turn the leftovers into a tasty meal. Most of the food blogs have a menu item for the leftovers making our jobs easy. You never know, that dish might become your favorite 🙂

Don’t be shy! 

Cooking less won’t work when you are inviting people over. If there’s food remaining after the party, pack them for your friends. And if you’re the guest, don’t be shy! Ask your friend to pack it for you. Not that type of eating leftovers? It’s okay, there are many who is in need of. Share the extra food with your maid, drivers, apartment watchman and someone who would be happy to take it. Experience the joy of giving! 

That is all I have for now. Told you, easy hacks! So, what do you do to avoid food waste at your home? Let me know in the comments. 

8 thoughts on “Simple hacks to avoid food/grocery waste at home

  1. Definitely feel you on thinking about how much you can actually eat! Sometimes I struggle with that one. Would love it if you checked out my blog and found any of our tips useful 🙂


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