Manali Street Food Trail

We are having one of the worst summers here in Kuwait; temperatures are around 45 to 50 degree Celsius and looks like there is no relief for the next few weeks. Sandstorms and humidity are the uninvited guests to the party! We were in Manali and Kullu last summer. How I wish I could go back to that place and escape from this heat?! I was flipping through the photo album from our trip and I found some photos of the street food that we had in Manali. So an impromptu post on the food trail (blogging is easy sometimes!).

Though we had complimentary buffet in the hotel we stayed, we made sure we tried the local food when we were out for sightseeing. There was a small restaurant opposite to one of the exits from the Hadimba Devi temple. Run by a man and his wife, the place was bustling with people. There were even a few foreigners who seemed to be the regulars because even without asking they were served Rajma Chawal!

Take a piece of hot paratha, dunk in yogurt (dunk because it was watery), gulp it and sip some HOT tea. This was my formula for the entire trip ;).

Momos are everywhere. They are served hot with spicy dip/chutney made of tomatoes and red chilies.

The mall street is filled with so many options to dine from authentic northern delights to Chinese, Italian and what not!

Chat made of Channa, fresh-cut raw mangoes, cucumbers and onions. Not a personal favourite though.


Siddu is a local delicacy in which has aloo masala stuffing inside. It is more or like the southindian kozhukattai and is served with a spicy dip/chutney.

If you are visiting Manali, make sure you spend an evening at the Mall street. It has a lot to offer apart from the souvenir stores and sweaters. And don’t miss their incredible CHAI!


4 thoughts on “Manali Street Food Trail

  1. Lovely post, Pri.. It’s like you took me along your food route 😉 I hace very fond memories of momos n the devil chutney from our Darjeeling/Sikkim holiday from way back when. One thing I’d really like to try and savor is the North Indian chai.. Never bothered with chai until now.


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