Bun and blogiversary!

When WordPress sent a notification yesterday, that it’s been a year since I signed up, I was like “What?!One year already?”. Though it sounds cliché, I started blogging to kill boredom and with a little hope that I would keep at it. All I knew before coming to Kuwait was that I am going to be at home for a few months or even longer based on how soon I get a job. The first month was spent setting up the house, catching up all my favorite series and shows and of course experimenting in the kitchen. However, I got bored very soon even before I thought I would! So I started writing down my cooking stories at WordPress and named it “teakaapi”. Here I’m with 20 posts and 4-5 visitors on a daily average from different countries around the world! Not bad,huh?

Even before I noticed the message from WordPress on the blogiversary, I was making the Masala buns at home. I made only a couple of them because I wanted to test how the yeast works as I have never worked with it. I followed Vahrehvah Chef’s recipe. There are many recipes available on the Internet but I found this one easy to follow. The buns were soft from the inside and the kitchen smelled really good with all the masala flavours.




What could have been better?

  • A little more generosity with butter and salt in the dough.
  • An egg wash or some butter on the buns before baking so that the outer crust remained soft even after the bun was cooled down.
  • Patience to let the dough proof well.

I should say the buns turned out as a treat to blogiversary celebration.So YAY!! Thanks to everyone for taking time to read my blog! Follow me on Instagram, also do spread the word.








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