India’s daughters

I have no idea of any sports, whatsoever. All I knew about Olympics 2016 was it happens in Rio de Janerio. After a message in the family whatsapp group that there is a medal hope from Sindhu, I tuned into Star Sports to watch the match. Man, what power and grit!! It was a pleasure to watch her play. From a country like India, where no other sport gets noticed other than cricket, to get qualified into Olympics and play against the World no. 1 champion is the real achievement and not everyone can do that. If you had watched the match, Marin showed so much power that Sindhu could’ve lost the match very early but she didn’t give up till the end. After the game was over, Marin was crying lying on the court out of happiness, P.V. Sindhu went to her, gave her a hug and while leaving took her racket which was on the way and placed it near her bag. To me that’s sportsmanship!

Let me not forget to mention about the other Indian champions who have made history already, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar. From a country where female infanticide rate is high, where a woman gets raped in a running bus, where a woman gets murdered in cold blood in a crowded railway station, where acid attacks on women is just another daily routine, Dipa, Sakshi and Sindhu are really precious ! Love them all and more power to them!

On the lighter side, there were many tweets during the match about Marin’s voice, Sindhu’s grit, I am sharing a few here.




And here comes from the Superstar himself!



It so much joy to watch ordinary people like me,with same or less facilities in life achieving heights! Lets cheer for our squad at Rio and wish them the best!! Better late than never!







2 thoughts on “India’s daughters

  1. First of all salute to the players who made it and qualified for Rio 2016!!

    Special thanks to Sindhu, Sakshi malik & Dipa, they made us proud in front of the entire world!! They are the real gold for India. It is a proud moment for all us.

    I do agree with your point, in India we give more importance to cricket than any other sports. We ourselves killed other sports. However this scenario is gonna change now. We are ready to encourage all other sports too. I hope the entire nation watched yesterday’s match.


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