2 Apps for a better London holiday

For a girl from Kangayam, London was a bigger scene! Just a few days before we took off to London, I confessed to my best friend that I was scared. She told me that for once I sounded like a small town girl! But truly I was. I didn’t know the itinerary to be honest until we woke up everyday and got walking on the London roads. My husband did ALL the planning for the trip. We (okay, he) did a detailed analysis and decided to buy the London Pass and the 7 day Travel Card. He tried to introduce me to the places before the trip by installing the apps and quiz me “Which line of the tube will you take to reach our Airbnb from Westminster? I didn’t have an answer because I hadn’t opened the folder London that he had created for the trip. But now, I can take you in and around London, trust me! Out of the few apps that we installed, we found 2 of them REALLY useful. I thought I would share the details so that it might help you guys.

The London Pass

The London Pass is a single ticket to over 60 attractions in and around London. This will help you to skip the long queues (Warning – London is flooded with tourists throughout the year), avail discounts at the souvenir stores and free hop-on hop-off tours. You can buy it online even before you reach London,just like we did. The best part is the app helps you to download the pass on your mobile device and you don’t have to carry a printout all the time. Scan at the ticket counter and you are done! The app contains information on the open timings, how to reach and also places to see nearby every attraction. To know more about the London Pass visit their official website – https://www.londonpass.com/

Image Courtesy – The London Pass official website


Cannot recommend this enough. As their tagline says, this is an ultimate transit app for London. Just like Google maps, you enter where you want to go from where, it lists you all the details of the buses, tubes, national railways,etc. The details are so accurate that if the app says there is a bus due in 1 minute, the bus reaches the stop within 1 minute. The app also has options to save your home location and you can find ways to reach from where ever you are. In our case, we saved our Airbnb stay as default so it helped us to reach the same from different areas of London. The details like night buses, changing lines in the underground tube are so perfectly incorporated in the design of the app.Bonus points – it is a free app on the Appstore and Play store and it works offline too!

Image Courtesy – Citymapper

If you are a planning a trip to London and looking for any information, let me know in the comments, will try to answer from our experience 🙂


7 thoughts on “2 Apps for a better London holiday

  1. I am sure you had a wonderful holiday in one of the most expensive city of the world, where everyone is talking about the high price of food. leave alone fashion accessories. I am sure you must have experienced that. you must have loved this city more than ever if only you have. As for me having lived in London for the past 20 years, I got fed up of it. Welcome to London, the Brexit dream city of everyone who has never been!


  2. I hear taking the public transport, is the best way to see a city through the eyes of a local. You guys did exactly the same, i am sure you saw a lot more of real London because of that. Loved reading this post Pri, and definitely making note of CityMapper 🙂


    1. True Hugs! The tube connectivity is just fantastic in London that you will never want to take taxis. More than money it saves a LOT of time and that matters when you’re on a short trip.


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