Lantern festival, Leeds

When we were in UK in December last year, we spent around 4 days in Leeds. We stayed with our friends who live there. They were the best hosts we could have asked for! We didn’t have any iternary for the trip and being travel enthusiasts themselves, they chose the best for us. We went to Scarborough, York, Manchester and one day we spent in Leeds. One of the largest parks of England is located in Leeds, named Roundhay Park. It spreads across 700 acres! We went there by 11 in the morning and it was freezing. The park was so huge and the grass was covered in snow. We couldn’t walk for a few meters as we it was very cold and decided to return back after clicking some pictures. We saw a poster at the exit that there is a Magic Lantern Festival at the park on the same day evening. The temperature dropped even more by evening but still we went to the park reluctantly not thinking much of what to expect. England never disappoints you!

Here is a photo diary of the Lantern festival. We couldn’t capture the evening in our camera as we didn’t have the required lenses handy, I clicked them in my iPhone. Take a look.






Hope you noticed snow on the grass in all the pictures

Happy Ending πŸ™‚
The lantern setting was spread across the park in 4 different sections; you see one and go awe, the next beats the earlier! We were taken aback by the safety measures done in the park. There were no lights other than the lanterns but the police officials and the organizers of the event took care that the crowd was comfortable by guiding them. There were food stalls, carousels and with the lanterns, for sure it was a magical evening!


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