Life gets monotonous and you stick with things that you are comfortable with and don’t really think of getting out of that zone. I was like that when it comes to cooking, but social media, especially Instagram has influenced the vegetables and groceries I buy these days and have helped to make the everyday meal interesting! Do not conclude that I am going to talk about buying fancy vegetables and ingredients for that you have to take help from google to know what it is. I am talking about very common vegetables and other ingredients that are available in any normal grocery/departmental store but I wouldn’t have bought and attempted to cook with otherwise. So today I list some of the people from whom I take the inspiration for my daily cooking and try to show variations in simple meals.


Nandita is a trained nutritionist. I love everything about her blog! My favorite section is her baking recipes. She includes vegetables and fruits into cakes and bread which is interesting! Also, more than 90% of her baking recipes don’t use or use very less of maida or all-purpose flour. I have tried her brownies and banana cake recipes and they are fool-proof. She grows almost all the vegetables in her home garden and her garden-to-plate series is a hit!


Kanan Bala is the mother of parathas on Instagram!! Her videos of making parathas are a delight to watch. I have not had many successful instances when it comes to stuffed parathas or lacha parathas but I am sure it comes with years of practice and one day I will achieve something close to hers!

Srujan Desai

If you like good food, books and movies Srujan can be your friend! Her writing is really good and the time spent in reading her caption on posts is worth spending. I am a huge fan of her weekend thali meals and determined to make phulkas/rotis in perfect round shape like hers someday! She reviews books and movies and writes recipes on her blog. Her blog is perfect for a laid back weekend read with a cup of kaapi!


Madhumitha needs no introduction on Instagram. She has a HUGE following for her interesting recipes and #cleaneating. She is very active on Insta with a lot of pictures of food and her cute little son. Though I don’t follow a diet, her effort to cook, bake and do a lot of other things that she is doing with a full-time job and a toddler is totally inspiring!  Her mother Shaanthram is also a great home cook and she has her own fan force. She takes time to type recipes for people who request and you should follow her to know more about her #terracegarden.


I first interacted with Sandhya when we were planning for UK trip to enquire about the travel passes. Her blog has some interesting posts apart from recipes. Her food pictures are clean, neat and no fuss! Her recent snippets on Insta-stories of her dinner recipes are my favorite. I had a leftover piece of cabbage and I saw her insta-story in which she posted an OPOS cabbage pulav helped me to use the leftover piece which I would have thrown otherwise.


Suguna has a special place because she shares the same name as my mother and from enga ooru Coimbatore! 🙂 I have tried quite a few recipes from her blog and they are keepers. Her one-pot-one-shot recipes are life savers! She has a wide collection of Kongunadu recipes which are from Coimbatore and its surrounding areas. Love the way she introduces the recipe with a connection to her family members! If you are a beginner in cooking and looking forward to a page/blog that guides you like your mother with accurate measurements and very useful tips and tricks, then without any further delay start following Suguna aka kannammacooks.

I do follow a lot of other food bloggers on Instagram but these are the ones I keep going back to and look forward to their posts.

P.S – The people mentioned above don’t even know I am writing about them, so this is not a sponsored post.

Do you follow food blogs? Have any recommendations? Do let me know in the comments.



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