Rewind – India trip June’17

Hello there! Today’s post is a random compilation of our trip to India last summer, June 2017.

The photos are taken in and around Kangayam, Gobichettipalayam and Coimbatore. The pictures are more of a food trail right from our flight to India.

We flew Air India for the first time and we had a short stop at Goa; the breakfast that was served in Goa to Coimbatore transit was the one happy thing about the entire flight journey.

Watching Goa monsoon through our window
Air India Breakfast – Poha, Rava Sheera, fruit salad, bun and Amul butter
As soon we landed in Coimbatore, the first thing I asked our driver,”Anna, let’s go to Aanandhaas opposite to KMCH for lunch!” Believe it or not, I had decided this just after our tickets were booked πŸ˜‰

Full meals at Aanandhas Coimbatore
Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures of the food served at the wedding but that Elaneer Payasam a.k.a Tender Coconut Kheer was just amazing!!!

Up next are the pictures from my parents’ home at Kangayam.

Clockwise – Avarakkai/flatbeans poriyal, Parupu Rasam, Homemade curd, Murungakai Sambar

Clockwise – Rice with Pasipayaru/GreenGaram Masiyal, Sengeerai/Red Amaranthus Poriyal, Cabbage Poriyal and Masala Vadai


Up next are the pictures from Gobichettipalayam.

There are so many vintage buildings in and around Gobi. Many Tamil movies from the 80’s are shot here.
Streets of Gobichettipalayam
Mother-in-law introduced this small store that sells earthenware and all things natural and eco-friendly in Gobi. Got myself a waterbottle, manchatti (casserole) for making fish curry and a couple of pickle jars made of porcelain and brought with me to Kuwait. Given a chance and some extra baggage I would have looted the shop!

Eco-friendly refrigerator
Chair made of neem wood

Hand-made soaps sold in eco-friendly covers made up of dried banana stem


We took a day trip to Kodiveri falls which is just a 20-minute drive from Gobi.





An old lady selling local snacks – Raw mango with chili powder, ezhantha vadai, boiled groundnuts, water bottles, etc


The final meal before flight from Coimbatore:)

Hope you found the photo-diary of my India trip interesting!

7 thoughts on “Rewind – India trip June’17

  1. Right, I’m having full meals at Anandhaas next time I’m in CBE. Thank you!

    Loved the photos, especially that of the vintage house in Gobi. (Compared to the monstrosities that we build these days in this part of the world, that building was fantastic.) Gobichettipalayam’s reputation of being a picturesque town seems well-earned.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I should visit Gobi one of these days. Heard so much about it.

        And, thank you! I think I found your blog during the Jallikkattu protests. And I was (still am) glad too.


    1. Thank you! The shop is in the market street of Gobi. It’s a straight lane and anyone can direct you if you ask for manpaanai kadai.


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