Akshayam, Coimbatore

My friend, Jayasree is a true Coimbatorean. She knows the city in and out, especially the best places to dine and shop. Be it a roadside stall selling bajji-bondas or a food fest in That’s y Food, she knows it! Every time I visit, she takes me to new places and this time when I met her, she took me to Akshayam, snacks stall located on the Avinashi road.

We went around 5 in the evening for tea and snacks and the place was so crowded. In a city with so many bakeries and tea stalls, what makes Akshayam interesting is their menu. They have millet based snacks, interesting sweets served at a nominal price.

They serve bajji, bonda and vadai with a variety of chutneys and a (tiny) spoon of kesari.

I don’t have a sweet-tooth but I wanted to try their Koyyapazha Halwa / Guava halwa as I have never heard of it. It had the right amount of sweet with a good amount of ghee and tasted very good 🙂

Nannari mysurpa and Apple halwa were on their menu as well.

Koyyapazha Halwa / Guava Halwa

Everything above was washed down with a hot cup of inji tea aka ginger tea.


The place is located within a few meters when you take the road towards the SNR Auditorium from the Nava India signal on the Avinashi road, Coimbatore.

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