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Gone are days when cakes were sold only in bakeries and patisseries. These days many of the homes have an oven and cakes, breads, muffins, etc have become a regular affair. Baking is already well-sought option as a business that can be done from one’s own kitchen and a minimum investment. Today’s post is about a home baker is from Coimbatore. Niveditha is a management graduate who now lives in Singapore, pursues her passion for baking through Pink Oven Daily. She is a good friend of one of my cousins. Though I haven’t met her in person, she was sweet to take time to mail me the details instantly when I asked her for a blog post. Let us get chatting with Pink Oven!


I am Niveditha Mani, the founder of Pink Oven Daily. I started Pink Oven in 2014 with the philosophy that baking is simply to bring happiness into people’s lives. As a kid, I was inspired by an aunt of mine who was into baking. I learned the art from her when I was 10. Have spent most of my life in Coimbatore, studied (mostly wondered why!) B.Tech and went on to complete my MBA. Currently, I run Pink Oven Daily (, an extension of Pink Oven where I share recipes every week.

How did pink oven happen?

I’ve always wanted to get into the F&B industry. But at 23, I hadn’t figured out how or what it was going to be. It all started as a hobby when I was baking only for few friends and family. They liked it so much that I started getting requests to make their birthday cakes. Some acquaintances were kind enough to give very good comments about the quality even without knowing it was home-made. All this gave me the confidence that I can deliver a quality product to my customers.

Most importantly, this didn’t feel like work to me as I was enjoying the process of baking, decorating and the happy me gets to taste a lot of cake. Quite literally, this was the ‘icing on the cake’ for a foodie like me.

Eventually these friends and family started referring a few friends of theirs. This was when I decided to take the plunge and started an official Pink oven page to extend my products to a wider customer base. My family was very supportive of my decision to make this my full-time profession. That’s how Pink Oven shaped up.

3. What is your most favorite thing to bake?

I love simple, fuss-free bakes that are easy to bake and eat. So for these reasons my favorite pick is always muffins. They are so versatile that one can make endless variations with a good base recipe. Also, their “on the go” factor makes mornings so much easier!

4. Any unforgettable customer orders/feedback?

I cherish being a part of my customers celebratory moments. It was one day in 2016 when coincidentally, four of my clients had big events in their families happening on the same date. And they needed cake! I didn’t want to disappoint them as all four had been my loyal clients for almost two years. The cakes totaled 14+ kg. I was just one person juggling baking, decorating and packing. It was a crazy amount of work but I was able to pull it off with proper planning. My clients (and I) were ecstatic with the outcome!

Coming to feedbacks, “We never had the heart to cut the cake” is something I get very often.

Do you take baking classes? 

I used to conduct baking and cake decorating classes in Coimbatore regularly through which I have trained close to 120 students. Planning to extend the same in Singapore soon.

Any tips for baking beginners?

My two cents,

  • Don’t tweak a recipe unless you are absolutely sure of the outcome.
  • The quality of your bakes depends on the quality of the ingredients. Use the finest quality ingredients you can get your hands on.
  • Invest in a good kitchen scale and an oven thermometer. It will make your life easier.

Verve - fondant cake


Flower pot cake

Do follow Pink Oven on social media. Join the weekly baking activity through the “Bake Squad“.

Wishing Pink Oven Daily the best!




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