Peanut Ladoo

This is my first blog post after Adhiyan and it happened to be a sweet dish. After a good 5 months at my parents home I am back in Kuwait. Having left the fully loaded pantry with the husband has resulted in many unopened packets of groceries.

Had to finish them at the earliest before they reach the expiry date and become inedible. This peanut ladoo is a result of me wanting to use up one 250g packet of raw peanuts.

One of our neighbors in Kangeyam sells homemade peanut and sesame ladoos on pre-order. We got two boxes of them while coming to Kuwait and that’s the first thing I could think of for using the peanuts.

Two ingredients and a very minimum effort gives you a healthy snack.

What you need

  • Raw peanuts – 250 g
  • Palm sugar – 100g

How to

  • Roast peanuts until they turn brown in a kadai. Let it cool.
Roasted Peanuts
Palm sugar aka Karupatti


  • Once completely cooled down in a mixie jar add peanuts and palm sugar and grind to a very fine mixture.
  • The peanuts release oil when ground so no need of adding oil/ghee.
  • Transfer the mixture to a plate.
Ground mixture
  • Make small size ladoos by rolling them between the palms.
Peanut Ladoo

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