Holidaying in Delhi with a baby

We went on a week long trip to Delhi with Adhiyan last month. That was our first holiday as a family after he was born. Why Delhi? Stanley’s aunt lives there and we thought it would be easier to stay with them instead going to a new place and staying at airbnb or a hotel as it was our first trip with the baby. This post is about our experiences and what I packed while traveling.


We took a direct flight from Coimbatore to Delhi which lasted about 3 hours. We packed a couple of idlis, dhal and vegetable mash and some fruits. They came in handy until we reached their home which was around 5 in the evening. As soon as we got out of the Delhi airport, we were told there was a taxi strike and it took us more than an hour to find one to reach home. So pack extra food for the baby even if it is an one hour flight because you never know what is waiting at the other end of the flight.

Also, whenever we went out for sightseeing, we left after lunch around 12 so that Adhiyan napped for sometime until we reached the destination. I packed snacks and dinner for him on all days when we went sightseeing because with the Delhi traffic we weren’t sure if we could reach home on time.

In my experience idlis are the best food to be packed. They stay good for a longer time and you just need hot water to mix with it. Bananas are ideal for snacks. A small hot pack, a thermoflask with warm water and a bottle of normal water to wash hands is what I packed on all days.


This is one of the most important items to pack when traveling with a baby. Have their vitamins, medicines for common fever, cold, cough syrup always in the bag. Remember to take their medical records too for any emergency situations during the trip.


I had packed tees, cotton shirts and shorts for Adhiyan considering Delhi weather which I heard is very humid. But then it was beyond my expectation (for a person who has lived in Chennai) and we ended up wearing the sleeveless tee shirts which I had packed for house use on most days of our trip.

And one more important thing that I missed on day one is putting a full length trousers on him because I thought they wouldn’t be comfortable for the weather. But they were very much needed as we were carrying him around in the baby carrier. From the next day, we had trousers on him that helped the thigh area from becoming red and kept him comfortable throughout.

Along with extra clothes, I had old sarees cut into hand towel size pieces. They come handy when the babies gag or you can use them to during changes and dispose them off.

I had taken a few old newspapers in the diaper bag. I used them to lay him for diaper changes in public places. Inside flights diaper changing tables are available in the lavatories and newspapers are useful when you have to use them.

Baby Carrier

When we were deciding if to take a stroller or a baby carrier to the trip, we went with the carrier because for the streets of Delhi carrier was ideal. We went to Chandni Chowk (IKR!) with him and the rain gods decided to pour just after we got out of our cab. We didn’t have a rain coat or an umbrella because we never thought it would rain. The weather app had predicted just 10% of rain on that day. Soul Sling carrier was a blessing that day and we carried him covered and took shelter in the platforms, breastfed him inside the stores and kept him dry until the rain took a break.

I had bought the carrier when Adhiyan was a month old but never used it more than a couple of times. He wasn’t comfortable then because he was too tiny to fit in, but now that he is 7 months old he likes to be carried.

Places to visit

  • Chandni Chowk was a bad idea to visit with a baby so better to avoid.
  • Dilli Haat was the best part of the trip. I love exhibitions and it was a perfect place of handicrafts, fabrics, silver jewelry and food stalls from all states across the country. It wasn’t crowded during the day. Had shades and canopies where you can rest and feed the baby.
  • Qutub Minar was just 20 minutes from where we stayed. We went around 4 in the evening and spent around 2 hours walking around.
  • Parliament and India Gate was good for an evening. You can spend around 2-3 hours taking a stroll from the Parliament to the India Gate. But if it rains there is no place to take shelter at these places so plan accordingly.


Uber was the easiest choice for transport during the trip. From the airport we booked through Meru cabs because they were the only ones operating on that day.

We didn’t try the metro though we wanted to. We were told that the routes might be changed during rainy days and we didn’t want to take a chance with the baby so we avoided.

Amidst the not-so-great-weather,traffic, pollution and a baby with a bad cold we did manage to have a memorable holiday. Hope my two cents helps if you are planning a trip with a baby.






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