Baby Products that we loved during the first year of Adhiyan

Hello there! Hope you’re all now used to the new normal and staying safe. It’s been ages since I logged into WordPress and I thought I will keep the blog alive with a post.

I am giving details of the products that were of great use during the first year of Adhiyan. I, like every other mother out there have googled, asked friends/cousins about what really to shop and where during the pregnancy and even now.

Every blog or Instagram post that I read has given me a cent or two. So here’s mine that might help someone.

Feeding Pillow

If you’re going to be breastfeeding mother the first few weeks after delivery will be never-ending feeding sessions and you will have to sit through for hours together. This type of pillow with back support will help to hold the baby and avoid back aches.

GET IT Extra Large Size Feeding Pillow

I got mine from Amazon, called the Get IT brand extra large size and I used it until Adhiyan was 14 months.

One other point to note is to buy the one with the buckles and not with the velcro to open and close as the sound from the velcro might wake the baby up when the fall asleep.

Soulslings Baby Carrier

After a LOT of contemplation I bought Soulsling Assema baby carrier when Adhiyan was a month old. I tried carrying him once or twice and all he did was crying and had to take him out within a couple of minutes. I even thought of selling it back. But then we took a holiday to Delhi and we couldn’t have done it without the Aseema carrier. Adhiyan started feeling comfortable being carried only when he was 7 months old. From then there’s no turning back. I flew up and down from Coimbatore to Kuwait alone with Adhiyan for three times and the baby carrier was more than a blessing!Carrying a baby and a loaded diaper bag and walking from one terminal to the other inside the airport isn’t easy and I was thankful to myself for buying this carrier.

It is very useful in the nights when Adhiyan wakes up and doesn’t go back to sleep easily. Not to forget those days of teething, vaccinations. It helped me a lot in weaning him off the breastfeeding too. Stanley and I take turns and carry him in the Aseema and walk for hours together until he falls asleep.

If you are someone who would travel a lot or who would be taking care of the baby alone or just because you would want to hold the baby closer before they start running around baby carrier is your answer. 

There are local libraries available across locations from where you can borrow a carrier and try before you buy one.

Our Rainbow maze Aseema carrier

Flasks and food containers

Thermos food containers and sipper bottles were the one of the first gifts that came for Adhiyan even before he was born. One of my friends from the US had sent me those. I started using the food containers after we started solids for Adhiyan. The container kept the porridge hot/warm atleast for a minimum of 4 hours. The porridge stayed without any lumps and I used it almost every time we stepped out. I carry idlis, steamed cut veggies which stay equally warm and comes very handy.

They are very sturdy that the sipper bottle still goes strong even after multiple drops by Adhiyan. They are leak proof and easy to clean. 


Feeding kurtas/nighties

I personally found them more comfortable than the t-shirts. I literally lived last year in them and they are still good after multiple washes. Few places where you can buy kurtas and nighties are

  • Manas Store (popularly known as Erode Matching Center, near KMCH Hospital, Erode). Highly recommend this place which one of my cousin took me to. For a range of 450 to 600 INR you get good cotton feeding kurtas.
  • Pinky Lifestyle store, Pollachi
  • Ziva stores, Coimbatore
  • Motherwear, backside of Nuts & Spices Race Course, Coimbatore




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