DIY – Upcycling glass bottle

This waiting to get back to pre-COVID life with a hope and adapting to the #newnormal isn’t easy and I am sure everyone of you is going through this right now. It does take a toll mentally and the indoor monotony is becoming exhausting ! I wanted to spend time in something that is not cooking or running behind Adhiyan or aimlessly scrolling Instagram. So I chose to do some craft which have always interested me. I bought some acrylic colors and glass colors not knowing what to do with them exactly. I painted an iPad box hoping to use it as an organizer for the charging unit and it was a total mess. All that DIY on Pinterest doesn’t always work guys!

Next, I waited to finish my Nescafe so that I could try some glass painting with the empty bottle. The bottle wasn’t flat to try the first glass painting but I still gave a try. I used Fevicryl water based glass colors that comes with a black liner, just in case if you are looking for that detail.

The outline I drew wasn’t thick enough to hold the colors within the design and curved surface of the bottle lead to mixing of colors. I filled in the colors before going to sleep and checked on it as a first thing in the morning until I finished. Though the finishing isn’t great, I completely enjoyed doing this. This did help me take my mind off everything that is going around. I looked forward for that 30 minutes of working on this glass painting after winding up the chores everyday. A friend of mine said it is the process that matters and not the product! She was right though.


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