Lock down learning – IT’S OKAY to be Not OKAY

Life before COVID was monotonous too but there were chances of breathing fresh air, not having to step out every time in fear, come back home and spend sleepless nights praying we stay safe.

Friends of mine, who are stronger than me when it came to handling a situation felt broken. One of them was even considering getting a therapy. Nothing wrong in getting a therapy but what shocked me was how COVID has made people mentally weak!

I personally had setbacks and disappointments in the last few months and a couple of my life plans were crushed because of this situation and I don’t really know whom to blame except for the one who ate that damn bat! I have spent days being restless and anxious and in all fairness, the positivity on social media and WhatsApp forwards didn’t really help.

And I know that I am not the only one who feel so. I cook, bake, do some craft or simply scroll Instagram to take my mind off from things that didn’t happen. I am grateful for the roof above my head, being safe (until now), having a very supportive husband and a toddler who tries his best to keep me sane BUT I wouldn’t say I have no regrets/disappointments.

We all come this far, staying indoors, baking enough banana breads, binge watching on OTT, working from home, homeschooling and what not! And we still cling on to that HOPE that things would get better soon. Until then, let’s keep doing whatever makes us happy and helps in keeping up the sanity. On days you couldn’t just know that it is completely okay to be not okay!

Wrapping up the Lock Down Learning Series with this post. Have a good weekend !


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