Deepavali 2020

I guess more than ever, this year Deepavali or may it any festival is extra special and we look forward to it because we are all bored enough to be in the same old t shirts and pjs all day. We did clean up well on Deepavali and put on some nice clothes and took pictures for posterity.

What’s Deepavali without sweets and muruku? Initial plan was to make Ragi muruku, Gulab Jamun and Chocolate Peda but we ended up making Mysurpa, Gulab Jamun, Rava Ladoo, Ragi Ribbon Pakoda and Pottukadalai Muruku.

For every festival, it is always a team effort by Stan and I. And since it is our first Deepavali together after Adhiyan it was even more memorable.

Ragi Ribbon Pakoda recipe was from Raks Kitchen and it came out really well.

Ghee Mysurpa recipe was from Subha Vijay’s Youtube channel. I guess I missed the one string consistency for the sugar syrup. After adding besan to the syrup, the consistency wasn’t right and it didn’t set. I refrigerated overnight and the next day, I was able to cut them but couldn’t take them out as pieces. I roasted a couple of tablespoons of besan and reheated the already set mysurpa in a kadai. Brought them together by continuously stirring and strained out the extra ghee. This time the consistency was a bit better and it set perfectly. This turned out to be the winner of the entire Deepavali package!

Gulab Jamun was totally the husband’s effort which is always a hit!

I packed them in an eco-friendly plate made of banana fiber. I repurposed the ramekins that came along with a dessert that we got from stores earlier to pack the jamuns. I wrapped the mysurpa in sandwich paper and tied them together with a jute thread.

On Deepavali day, we had a couple of friends over for lunch. Chicken Briyani and Chili Chicken by the master chef husband himself. And to keep up with the rest of the Tamil world, we watched Soorarai Potru on Prime. It felt so different in a good way,to have friends over, watch a movie and spend some quality time after so many months!

At least for a day, the everything seemed like how it used to be in the pre-covid times.


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