Life gets monotonous and you stick with things that you are comfortable with and don’t really think of getting out of that zone. I was like that when it comes to cooking, but social media, especially Instagram has influenced the vegetables and groceries I buy these days and have helped to make the everyday meal … Continue reading In(sta)spirations


It is just so over-whelming to see what's happening in my state Tamil Nadu in India. Social media has brought together lakhs of people for a good cause. The rage on Jallikaatu started in after HipHop Tamizha Aadhi's song campaign. But when and where did this actually start? I am SO PROUD to say it … Continue reading #WedoJallikattu

Madras Memories

When I received the joining letter from Accenture on Aug 17th, 2009, I was super excited that I am going to join my first job, but my family was a little disappointed because the joining location was "Chennai". I didn't choose the top-ranked engineering colleges from Chennai (though it was a merit seat) because my parents … Continue reading Madras Memories

India’s daughters

I have no idea of any sports, whatsoever. All I knew about Olympics 2016 was it happens in Rio de Janerio. After a message in the family whatsapp group that there is a medal hope from Sindhu, I tuned into Star Sports to watch the match. Man, what power and grit!! It was a pleasure … Continue reading India’s daughters