Holidaying in Delhi with a baby

We went on a week long trip to Delhi with Adhiyan last month. That was our first holiday as a family after he was born. Why Delhi? Stanley's aunt lives there and we thought it would be easier to stay with them instead going to a new place and staying at airbnb or a hotel … Continue reading Holidaying in Delhi with a baby

Follow me around Dubai

I had a poll on Instagram asking if I should blog about the Dubai trip and the response was 91% Yes against 9% No so, here goes the Dubai post. This was our second trip to Dubai and time is never really enough to say that you have seen it all! The country is so … Continue reading Follow me around Dubai

Lantern festival, Leeds

When we were in UK in December last year, we spent around 4 days in Leeds. We stayed with our friends who live there. They were the best hosts we could have asked for! We didn't have any iternary for the trip and being travel enthusiasts themselves, they chose the best for us. We went to … Continue reading Lantern festival, Leeds

2 Apps for a better London holiday

For a girl from Kangayam, London was a bigger scene! Just a few days before we took off to London, I confessed to my best friend that I was scared. She told me that for once I sounded like a small town girl! But truly I was. I didn't know the itinerary to be honest until … Continue reading 2 Apps for a better London holiday

Manali Street Food Trail

We are having one of the worst summers here in Kuwait; temperatures are around 45 to 50 degree Celsius and looks like there is no relief for the next few weeks. Sandstorms and humidity are the uninvited guests to the party! We were in Manali and Kullu last summer. How I wish I could go back … Continue reading Manali Street Food Trail