DIY – Upcycling glass bottle

This waiting to get back to pre-COVID life with a hope and adapting to the #newnormal isn't easy and I am sure everyone of you is going through this right now. It does take a toll mentally and the indoor monotony is becoming exhausting ! I wanted to spend time in something that is not … Continue reading DIY – Upcycling glass bottle

How did we reduce waste in Adhiyan’s first birthday party

My friends asked me what was going to be the theme for Adhiyan's party and all I could say was "less waste". Since we had around 60 guests we couldn't host the party at our apartments and we had to rent a party hall. We decided to do the decor on our own and started … Continue reading How did we reduce waste in Adhiyan’s first birthday party

DIY – Painted Canvas & Storage box

Craft has always been part of my pastime since my childhood. I used to create greeting cards using chart papers, newspapers and pictures from magazines. Hand embroidery was taught in-house as my grandma used to do extensively. Somehow in the work-life marathon I couldn't do much after I moved to Kuwait. Got a perfect time-off … Continue reading DIY – Painted Canvas & Storage box