Product Review – Rock Tawa

I was looking to buy a good cast iron pan or tawa and there were many recommendations for this American brand called Lodge. I was told that the Lodge products will last you for a lifetime and worth the money you spend. Though it was available in Kuwait I didn’t buy that, reason being I was doubtful if I will make the most of it. I didn’t want to buy for the sake of buying and that will be lying unused and occupying space in the already space-constraint kitchen of mine.

I started looking for options within India and that is when I read a post from Mrs. Suguna Vinod on a brand called Rock Tawa. They manufacture cast iron cookware and what I was really excited about is that the brand is from Coimbatore! I have always tried my best to buy local products and couldn’t pass this chance.

I did spend a little time reading the reviews of their products on They had good reviews and the price was also affordable and didn’t cost a bomb like the Lodge.I purchased the 8 inches Dosa/Roti Tawa from Amazon India.

I have used this tawa for the past 3 months extensively for frying fish as it consumes less oil as compared to deep frying in a kadai. The heat is spread uniformly and cooks evenly.

I have also used it for roasting vegetables like potatoes, frying cutlets and tikkis, pan roasting paneer, etc.

The full-fledged dish that was cooked on the tawa was the Prawns Fry and it came out really good.

The taste of a dish cooked on a non-stick tawa/pan can never equal to when cooked in an iron pan. I haven’t tried dosai or roti on this product but I’m sure they also would work well as it claims.

They also sell other cast iron products like Dutch oven, paniyarakal, frying pan and kadai. So if you are looking for good quality cast iron cookware, I would definitely recommend Rock Tawa for the below reasons –

  • The tawa is pre-seasoned and can start using immediately.
  • Affordable price.
  • Maintenance is easy. After cooking, cool down the tawa, wipe with a clean tissue or cloth. Apply cooking oil or any other oil and leave it in a dry place.

Official website –

You can buy their products from –  Rock Tawa on Amazon India

PS – Though I wish, this is not a sponsored post 😀

Featured Image courtesy - Rock tawa official website

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