DIY – Painted Canvas & Storage box

Craft has always been part of my pastime since my childhood. I used to create greeting cards using chart papers, newspapers and pictures from magazines. Hand embroidery was taught in-house as my grandma used to do extensively. Somehow in the work-life marathon I couldn’t do much after I moved to Kuwait. Got a perfect time-off when it rained heavily and the country was shutdown in the November for a couple of days. The canvas and the acrylic paint box that I had purchased in a whimp was put to use.

Stanley and I did the canvas painting and calligraphy together. It was refreshing change from the routine and binge watching movies/drama.

We painted the background in orange and chose black for the wordings and sketches. The idea is from Pinterest (obviously!). It feels good to see it on the wall and it will always remind us of the uncertain rains that happened in the desert land.

Today, out of nowhere I decided to upcycle the empty carton box at home. I used the natural glue from neem tree which my dad had collected earlier. The fabric used is an old red t shirt and some leftover fabric which was bought earlier. I didn’t measure or follow proper steps, just went with the flow and the supplies that I had at home.

The final product may not look perfect with unfinished edges but I will cherish the time spent at my parents home doing this. The box is best to be used a magazine stand for the family of mine that reads newspapers and magazines like a ritual!


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