It is just so over-whelming to see what’s happening in my state Tamil Nadu in India. Social media has brought together lakhs of people for a good cause. The rage on Jallikaatu started in after HipHop Tamizha Aadhi’s song campaign. But when and where did this actually start? I am SO PROUD to say it started from my own hometown KANGAYAM!! One man named Mr.Karthikeya Sivasenapathi began the campaign even before social media was here. He owns a cattle-farm in Kuttapalayam, Kangayam where he breeds the native cattle. He speaks to public on the importance of preserving our native breeds,invites students and public to visit his farm and get to know the livestock and what corporates like #PETA are trying to do to our country. It is not just the matter of claiming our right to conduct our cultural sport, there are a lot of scientific and business reasons involved in this regard. Follow him on Facebook to know more about his work and the actual reasons behind the ban.

My great-grandfather owned Kangayam bulls and now we don’t have them or the agriculture he left back. I just hope I don’t leave back a worser future to my next generation. HOPE!





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