Deepavali – done and dusted !

It is the third Deepavali away from home and this year there were many things that made up for not being home on the festival day. We made sweets and savory, distributed to our friends and neighbors to share the festival happiness. The bunch of candles which were lying untouched for the past couple of years finally saw the light on Deepavali !

After looking at n number of videos and recipes on various food blogs, Stanley and I settled on making Laddoo, Jilebi, Badusha and Thathuvadai. As we were making it for the first time, we kept the quantities minimal. I would not say they came out perfect but we are happy that they turned all edible and good enough to share with others 🙂

Here is the round up of our deepavali food and decorations –


Onion thattai

Badusha, jilebi and ladoo recipes are from  –

Onion thattai recipe is from –

Women in the apartment came together to make sweets in large batches, Indian stores stocked up with diyas and everything that is desi, beautiful rangolis, buildings lit up with LEDs, special menu in the Indian restaurants, colorfully dressed up people on the streets and of course the sound of the crackers – all contributed to a wonderful deepavali !

Hope you had a great time too!


5 thoughts on “Deepavali – done and dusted !

  1. Looks so good! A lot of my neighbors celebrated Diwali and it was a few days of never ending food and fire works! So nice!


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